Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I love about gardening?

First what is not to love about gardening!!! I have a great Gardner Guy who is a huge support to me. Fresh product aids in the development and creation of the finest foods. Sunday dinners can be fast and simple or big with taste, Both can be served up from a stocked pantry from last years bounty as well as this years fresh product as it ripens for the used of those enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Friday Brooke Graduated from High School...we are happy for her and today I wanted to end the week with a delicious Sunday Dinner...

The Menu
Grilled Chicken Breast marinaded in herbs, garlic, lemon juice, topped with carmelized sweet onions with red and green pepper garden relish.
Red Potatoes roasted with garlic and fresh rosemary that my Gardner Guy just picked today.
Corn on the cobb with a pesto buttery sauce added while roasting on the grill. I have the best basil pesto; I made many batches of this gourmet treat last season. I am so looking forward to my new crop of basil this year.
Fresh spinach and garden greens salad paired with sweet strawberries and feta cheese, and a raspberry vingerett dressing.
Fresh baked rolls to be served with my apricot and concord grape jams made last season. That's why I like gardening, preserving foods to enjoy everyday even when they are not in season.
Beverage, chilled apple pear juice and yes I make my own juices...
Does it sound good? Do you want to join us?

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