Sunday, June 5, 2011

The gardening season has began and I've got the Julia cooking bug itch!!!

Lettuce, lilac, spinach...

This was our first picking from our 2011 Garden last week. It has been cold, rainy, it's June and we still have snow in the foothills. Today it warmed up, finally we can see things starting to peek and pop up through the garden soil.
My Gardner Guy brought in a huge bunch of spinach and rhubard. I got the spinach all washed and put away. Monday I will tackle the large bowl of rhubarb, did I say large? This week recipe testing with spinach and rhubarb. I have a yummy gourmet rhubarb sauce to make!!! Dessert Strawberry Rhubarb Pie....a family favorite!!! Pictures and recipes to be posted; come visit my kitchen often. I promise to deliver some real tasty treats, good food that all will enjoy...Georgie
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