Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandchildren visit...cooking lessons and it's My Gardener Guy's Birthday!!! Oh and let me not forget he says we can REMODEL the KITCHEN!!!

Well to my readers, friends and family don't think I have forgotten about my blogging or cooking or gardening. A few weeks ago My Gardner Guy approved of the idea of remodeling our kitchen. With 9 kids, spouses and grandcritters our existing kitchen is bulging at the seams. Along with the cooking and dining quarters being a bit tight (a lot of bit) the kitchen we have has 25 years on it and it's showing it's wear.... I have met with contractor after contractor, cabinet guys; I have bids all over the board. I made my decision who I am using and we will start the work on the kitchen July 19th. Let me say I am so very excited that I can't hardly sleep. I feel like a kid excited about getting to go to Disney Land.

Currently my oldest daughter is up for a visit...good news she is expecting baby number 4. My youngest daughter was also here a few days and she is expecting baby number 2...it is pure joy to have them. The grandcritters and I have been cooking. Avery Mae is wanting to learn to cook and prepare meals (as not all meals need to be cooked) so this week has and is being spent doing kids stuff. Today the girls wanted to have a party, so we did some kids simple party food. We made peanut butter appetizers like Hawaiian ants on a log.


•Celery Stick
•Peanut Butter

A very simple snack idea! Fill the center of the celery stick with peanut butter. Place a few raisins on top to be your ants. This is a healthy food snack for anytime.
If you do not like raisins, try tiny chocolate chips! We decided to put coconut on the top and we called it Hawaiian ants on the log.

Yummy snack that looks like ants sitting on a log.
This little cutie was very interested in the kid snacks...

My cooking buddies this week are Avery Mae and Madelyn Grace...what have we made so far? Pancakes, french toast, flour tortillas, cinnamon and sugar flour tortilla chips, peanut butter snacks and banana bread....there will be more!!!

Today is My Gardner Guys Birthday...I have been thinking that he needs a new pair of Garden shoes, these ones are worn out. Don't you think? Happy Birthday Dear!!!

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