Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life with My Gardner Guy.....

July 10, 2013 My Gardner Guy's garden

Many have asked me this question, what do I do with all the stuff..... meaning produce that My Gardner Guy grows. Our neighbor's are usually in awe at how awesome his garden looks and they all ask what his secret is. The truth is I don't know!!! I think the more I toot about him (meaning brag) he works at growing more and more produce. Each year he is trying to make something just a little bit better. I do know he spends a lot of time working in his garden I know he loves it, it's his hobby, his exercise, his way of working out life's stress, his baby. Why, well it started 6 1/2 years ago the summer of 2007 as we got married in the spring. I love cooking; A LOT.....maybe he decided if I was going to cook A LOT he better grow some of the supplies to keep me from the grocery stores. Or maybe it was that big fruit and vegetable stand we visited one Saturday while he was showing me off and showing me the surrounding areas of his stomping grounds. We were still in the honeymoon stage (at times we still are) and that day he spent a good portion of money on zucchini, peppers, onions, garlic, apples and a few (well maybe a lot) of other things. I can't recall every thing I loaded up on to cook for him but I was from Las Vegas and seeing so much lovey produce all grown from the local farmers I was in PRODUCE HEAVEN. I think just maybe he thought WOW I better start this new wife of mine a garden. What ever the motivation factor was he did and I quite enjoy it. As far as what do I do with all the stuff, well keep following me and come visit My Gardner Guy's garden, my kitchen blog and food articles and I will show you.

But first let me toot about My Gardner Guy!!! He plants the peas every year President Days matter sometimes what the weather may be.

This year in Feb. 2013 we had a lot of snow so he dug out were he wanted the peas to be planted and waited a week for the ground to thaw...

For Christmas his wife buys him a seed planter...New Toy to try out!!!
Onions and garlic are planted in the fall so by the end of April they are starting to come up...
He has all his seeds ready to go...this year many types of pumpkins!!!

Most of  his planting is done in the middle of May 2013

Then he watches, he weeds, he waters and waits to see the fruits of his labors blossom
Notice the garlic and onions now June 2013
the peppers and tomatoes in the back ground

The first of June the Rhubarb is ready
June 12, 2013

By the middle of June My Gardner Guy has brought me radishes, lettuce, spinach, peas, green beans and the first of many cabbages...

Like I said the first of many cabbages...

July 10, 2013

Remember those pumpkins....July 10, 2013

Notice the onions, tomatoes and peppers....July 10, 2013
the garlic has been pick

So now until Fall my kitchen starts to look like this!!!
See my big bucket of lovey garlic...and those really pretty onions...

Notice our first of many peppers and tomato's

So this month my list is long, salsa, salsa verde, green beans, pasta sauce, pickled garlic, more pesto, and more!!!

There will be a pot or two or three on the stove many days this next few months!!!

I am looking forward to trying out a few new recipes....I promise to share!!!
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