Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines for the Kids and Grandcritters....

I usually shop the after Christmas sales as you can always find candy to use for Valentines for a reduced price...this year I found some Martha Stewart packaging and some cute chocolate bears. I did not find much in the candy department to use for Valentines but there is a lot of stuff out now that will work for what I am doing. I wanted to fill each one with bake goods from the kitchen but I have a daughter expecting grand critter #10 so I had to make other plans. With nine kids, five married couples and 9 grand critters our Valentines list gets long...I love them all. The chocolate bears ended up being 10 cents  each after Christmas....nice deal!!! The Martha Stewart boxes were half off, baked goods from the kitchen would of made these gifts more reasonable but like I said in order to help my daughter (traveling out of town) I ended up spending more buying commercial candy...oh well. They still turned out cute!

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