Monday, December 5, 2011

What's going on this Christmas....

Well we had a great down... as well as my new camera. I am having surgery Wednesday and will be down a spell. I am very behind in my blogging post as I wanted to get so much done before surgery. I will, I will, I will catch things up in my down time of 8 weeks or so....I do have a cute Christmas wrapping tip using brown packing paper  (butcher paper) or the paper bags you can get at most grocery stores....fresh pine tree sprigs, pine cones, and wrapping string. It's cute isn't it?

 What a simple idea to to with those paint swatches.....
Another cute idea to do with your scrap paper....and pretty ribbon....I love brown paper wrapping!!!

A pine-tree profile cut into gold tissue paper folds back to reveal a layer of silver tissue beneath

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