Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas treats for the office...another garden treat!!!

Every year Brent needs a treat to bring into the office for the holidays...this is a easy one especially if you have stuff already done up from the garden. I took a 5 lb block of cream cheese and cut it longs ways... Only using about half of the block. Cut again on a diagonal as this gives you two sides for a Christmas tree shape. Use green onion stems for the trunk and a bell pepper cut into a star shape for the tree star. I like to use My Gardner Guy's tomato jam spread on the top and garnish with parsley....The truth is many kinds of spreads/ jams would work...I would love to try jalapeno. I love the color and taste though of a good tomato jam!!! Surround with the crackers of your choice and you have a very nice dessert, appetizer, office goodie.....they will like it!!!  Click on this link for a great tasty tomatoe jam....

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