Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's getting close to Pie Time....

The many Pies I am making....

This Guy is getting cooked today....

 If they only knew they are on the list for getting cooked......would they Run?

This week I am preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner. That Apple Pie Filling I canned makes for a great Apple Pie. The rhubarb and strawberries I pick this summer are waiting in the freezer to be added to My Gardner Guy's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!!! Those  Halloween Pumpkins....well they are going in the oven to roast...Like I said it's Pie Time.......Oh and Pumpkin Pie from our Pumpkins!!!

When I was a teenager I loved Baking. My Father use to say when you learn to make a apple pie as good as your Aunt Luella then you will have become a great cook. I so wanted to please him, so year after year I would bake him a pie. I tried many different crust recipes....then I found the one I loved, I have been using it for the past 15 years. Year after year I would wait to hear if I had become that great cook, baker or something from my Father. Finally, I asked him...."Hey Daddy is my Apple Pie better than Aunt Luella's...or as good...he smiled  and said I surpassed her along time ago!!! Funny what kind of things make us smile. I want to thank my sweet Aunt for teaching me how to make pies!!!

Pie Crust

2 cups of flour
1 tsp salt
1 cup shortening
1/4 cup of water

Measure 1 2/3 cups of flour and put into a mixing bowl. Add 1 tsp of salt. Cut in 1 cup of shortening. In another small bowl mix 1/3  cup of flour with 1/4 cup of water making a paste. Then add this to the shortening/flour mixture until it forms a ball...Makes a two layer pie, fill your pie with the desired filling of your choice and bake at 400 degrees.
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