Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elliott home 2013 Christmas
Hello Family and Friends,  

                I have always loved the spirit of Christmas. I have fond memories of my Mother setting up her Nativity set (which I now have and enjoy). She would spend what seen to me hours fluffy up the angel hair to lay baby Jesus in. We had a card board fire place, with a light that made it appear like a glowing fire that she would assemble. Our stockings hung on the mantel of our Christmas fireplace, we loved it. Then there was the tree, she loved tinsel hanging from it. She would carefully show my siblings and I how to apply the tinsel so it hung just so ever perfect on our Christmas tree.                

I also recall the memory of my last Christmas with my Mother. She was very thin, to the point that my Father carried her to where she needed to be. My father, relatives, and friends attended to the day to day duties, including preparing for Christmas. Though we lost our Mother following the holidays … I still have the memories of who she was, how she took care of us, and what she brought to our lives. We all have to deal with some adversity at times; adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled.                

As I ponder and look back on our 2013 year there has been more blessings than adversity. I and thankful for both!!!      

Our 2013 year started out cold and we were buried in snow. We weather a very cold weekend and attended Dave’s 80 th birthday celebration for Grandpa Dave. I continued to endured the snow and cold by planning and hosting a huge Valentines party for the couples in our ward, we had a turnout of 64 people it was lovely. 
Brent and I now have eleven beautiful grandcritters. Two of them Ayden Harper and Molly Salway turned one this year.                

I enjoyed a spring break in St. George with my kids and grandcritters. It started out with taking two three year olds for some Grandma time. They keep reminding me they want to do it again. (Ella Crowther and Ty Harper). The rest of the week was spent with Avery and Madelynn, we had no rules, wear what we want, stay up late…we fell asleep early still, eat what we want. Pretty cool Grandma I was…
Brooke (Brent’s daughter) departed for San Antonio, Texas to serve a mission. She is doing very well we hear from her weekly.
Excited for the snow to be gone Brent and I started the 2013 garden season. Brent grew a fantastic garden this year our cabbages were huge. I experimented with yellow tomatoes and came up with a delicious tomato with basil and tomato with ginger jam. My gardening was tending to the tulips and I started a fairy garden….it was cute!

We attended two college graduations, for Megan Brooksby (Kyle’s wife) and Shelley Crowther (my Daughter). This was a busy week for David and Shelley; they moved to a nice home, big yard for the kids, away from the storage buildings that David manages. During that same week we went to the play Camelot in which Lila Harper (my daughter) played the part of Guinevere.

 We lost a family member this year...she will be missed. Prior to her passing we enjoyed a 40th anniversary reunion getting reacquainted with so many family members.  We will miss you Raelene Clarke.
Kyle Brooksby  (my son) survived swat hell week up here in the Salt Lake area, we enjoyed hearing about his adventure...if you can call it that.    
 During the summer months we had the company of the Harper grandcritters who played, played, and played. They became very attached to our neighbors of four girls and 1 cute boy. It was hard seeing them go home. I think the neighbor children felt the same way. I was able to get all my kids together and make a visit to Ely, to spend some time with Dad and Mildred Bell. It was a quick, fun, lots of food, a memory maker…. reunion.               

Wedding...yes it was also quick but welcomed!! We welcomed a new lady into our lives Margaret Clarke. At the heels of the wedding celebration we headed for Idaho for another missionary farewell she was called to  Hawaii, Cara Bunkner (niece) will be a great blessing to the people on the islands.               

Many Saturday’s were enjoyed watching Hayden (oldest grandcritter) on the football field. It was fun seeing Brandi (Brent’s daughter) and Eric as proud parents cheering him on.               

Many birthdays were attended; I wish we could attend them all. One birthday in particular was visiting my brother; we have not spoken much the past twelve years. That has been to long but I am thankful the relationship is moving forward and being mended.                

Our Porter family, Heidi (Brent’s daughter), Matt and Jaxson have moved South to St. George, Utah. Matt became employed for Tuachan! We wish them the very best…               

Brent moved to a different job within the company, he is swamped but is enjoying the change.               

Ryan (Brent’s son) became engaged to Mindee Mabey their wedding date is set for Jan. 10th.               

Trevor (Brent’s son) is doing his senior year, working and spending his money. This is his favorite time of the year it’s snowboarding time!!!               

Rigby (Brent’s son) has been working out of town. We see him now and then. We enjoyed that he spent Father’s Day here with his dad...thank you!               

Come November we took another trip to St. George eating many cheeseburgers. We did get a turkey dinner in there, again more time with family, football games to be watched for Travis and Brent, a little swimming and a surprise visitor Santa Clause, made a visit over the Thanksgiving Holiday.              

I have had quite a few visits with family and friends this year, Lance and Lisa came up and Shelby went into the MTC, he is going to be serving his mission in Canada. Michelle and Chad Wallace stayed the night as Michelle had eye surgery. Thomas and Dana Sevy join me for lunch on their way through Utah.  Sherilyn and her girls met me for lunch on their way through Utah to a doctor appointment.
This has been a year with much celebration, family, friends, and a passing of a loved one but, it has been good as well as eventful. As I ponder in thought I have much to be thankful for. The Elliott’s home has been blessed. I wish the same for all my family and friends. May you fine peace and happiness this Christmas Season. May you be healthy and happy now and this coming New Year. May your home be filled with a warm Christmas spirit...And wishing you the best 2014 New Year!!!
With much love…..  The Elliotts
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