Monday, August 26, 2013

I am so excited for Fall....Halloween 2013 to do's........

I am so very excited for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving...the pumpkins are almost ready to harvest. I have Halloween trinkets to give to my grandcritters and their families. I have ideas I want to try like these cute little pumpkin people...

I saw the above idea on

More pumpkin people....zombies I call them

You know there is a lot of stuff out there to try and I found these online with Martha Stewart...I cannot believe she thinks of all this stuff on her own, she has a whole crew of people giving her and her magazine crew's cool!!! She has some cute stuff...

Creating your own googly-eyed monsters has never been easier. Just don't get too close -- these guys look hungry.

Tools and Materials

Miniature saw
Small pumpkin (For a petrifying pale complexion, look for a white pumpkin)
Plastic eyeballs
Thumbtack or pin
  1. For the eyes, hold saw at an angle and cut 2 cone-shaped holes into the pumpkin. The diameter of the holes should be slightly smaller than the eyeballs' diameter.
  2. Print mouth template. Lay template on pumpkin, and poke tack through, all along outline, to transfer design. Cut along that outline with saw, and remove excess flesh.
  3. Wedge eyeballs into holes.
Sabre saw (similar to shown), by Kemper; Ping-Pong eyeballs (similar to shown),

Use a pumpkin incense burner to suggest the cozy scent of pie just out of the oven.

Use a pumpkin incense burner to suggest the cozy scent of pie just out of the oven. Cut off the pumpkin's top and scrape out the innards; carve round vents with an apple corer. Rub cinnamon or pumpkin-pie spices onto the lid, or push cloves into it. With a lighted tea light candle inside, the pumpkin will give off a lovely fragrance for about six hours. This is perfect for Halloween night....trick or treaters will get the sweet smell of pumpkin pie...and then a treat!!!

Squash Trio

Legend has it that the luckless souls who hear the Three Squashes' song of woe shall vanish into the nearest vegetable patch, never to be seen or heard from again. Since narrow squashes are easier to hollow out if you work from both ends, these guys had the tops of their heads cut off.

Carving a Squash1. To hollow out a tall, skinny squash, scoop out the insides from the top and the bottom: Cut off the bottom with a keyhole saw, and use a plaster scraper to scoop out the wide bottom section until walls are 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick.
2. Cut off the top with the keyhole saw, and use an apple corer to remove the insides at that end. Carve features; replace the top for display, if desired.
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