Friday, June 7, 2013

It's about time...

Here I back and running, camera finally located after it was taken home by accident to Shelley's. I'm back and it feels good but I have so much to write about.

We had a long winter with way to much snow to get excited the summer is upon us... it is not to hot in Utah but I am visiting the grandcritters in Las Vegas and we are having a severe heat wave....106 and tomorrow highs up to 112.

To hot in my opinion...thankful for a pool to cool off in!!!

 I can still enjoy the greens I brought with refreshing salad and the winter blues have added to many inches to my figure so I plan on upping the vegetable intake. Growing Lettuce is easy...the rewards are great because it produces a lot and grow quickly...Today I cleaning the leaf lettuce my gardner guy picked for me...

 Unlike head lettuce, leaf lettuce grows in leaves and does not form a head. The form of the leaves varies depending on the variety of leaf lettuce harvest you have planted, and the color varies as well.

Leaf lettuce is the easiest of lettuces to grow, and because of this you could end up with a great leaf lettuce harvest your first season planting it. Another positive tip is leaf lettuce grows quickly, you can plant it throughout the growing season and be harvesting leaf lettuce all growing season long.

We are on our third cutting and it is only the first of June. For lettuce through out your garden season all you need to do is stagger your plantings and harvest your garden leaf lettuce as the leaves reach maturity.

 How to Harvest Leaf Lettuce... 

 Harvesting leaf lettuce is quite simple. Are you having salad for dinner? Walk out to the garden and pick the leaves that are mature.

When you think about how to pick leaf lettuce, just remember that you don’t want to uproot the whole plant. This will cause the rest of the plant to die off.

Be gentle, and quickly snap off each mature leaf leaving behind those that are not yet ready so they can grow bigger for another day.

Make sure you know how to harvest leaf lettuce so that your garden doesn’t become overgrown with large, overly ripened leaf lettuce. If this happens, these leaves are not really usable because they get tough and bitter.

If you enjoy salads, leaf lettuce is a great garden staple.

When cleaning your lettuce I rinse it off well and then use a salad spinner to remove as much water as possible. This really does help preserve the life of your lettuce...

Additionally, it prevents the leaves from becoming soggy. Spinning the leaves also works faster than drying the lettuce by hand.

Read more: What is the Purpose of a Salad Spinner? | eHow
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