Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Good Day

Tonights conversation with my husband...texting.
Me/..How was foot ball?
Me/.. What else did you do?
Him/..Football America all day, and BYU just started
Him/ day ;)
Me/..You or me?
Him/..Definitely me, I don't know about you.
Me/..Oh well I watch Ty score 6 times in his soccer game, watched as he fell asleep before we made it to the doughnut store for his treat.
Took Ty to Costco ...

with me to get milk, he helped drive...he likes the side walk..we shared a costco hogs dog he really likes them plain though, no onions and mustard like grandma.
Ella can eat a lot of can Osmond.
Avery gave me a make and makeup.
I watched her cheer, cute cheerleader outfit she has.
Listened to a music cd with all the kids...cute... and all of us kept singing different songs from it all day. Even Lila
Me/..Madelyn loves watching H20 mermaid shows on my kindle.
Ella and Ty took turns watching Caillou and Dora the Explorer on my kindle...sitting together with no fighting.
Bath time with Ella and Ty...we need more bubbles.
Him/.. : )
Osmond and Ayden have enjoyed each other...and there baths playing.
Three boys in a tub is lots of water all over.
You can't get pasta down Osmond fast enough. Osmond likes Avery.
Ty and Ella are camping out in Grandma's bed tonight.
All the kids have played well. Ayden follows them all over not want to be lefted out.
Madelyn eats every hour and thinks we do not feed her enough.
Six is a lot od kids as you know.
Avery looks grown up in her new braces.
Last night after I got Ella and Osmond asleep, I checked in on the girls...they were sleeping and I gave them each a kiss anyways. I went to check on Ty as he was sleeping on the couch in his Mom's room. Lila was laying down with him and she had fallen asleep. He was standing on his head, still playing.
I tried to take a nap today with Ella and Ty, Ella and I fell asleep. Ty woke me up and asked if he could get up because I snore really loud.
Madelyn hides her candy in her pillowcase.
Ella wanted to play house with Ty. She called his bat a squash, he informed her it's a bat. She said we are pretending, he said we are not it is my bat.
Him/...Hummm your are into the grandma thing.
Me/ much as you are into the football thing.
It has been a good weekend and a good day.

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