Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick english muffin pizzas....a quick meal for My Gardner Guy!!!

English muffin pizza's

Pepperoni, apple appetizer.....
Making dinner with odds and ends. Some nights you want to fix something simple, use up some odds and ends; for example I had some pepperoni and a 1/2 jar of tomato sauce taking up space in my refrigerator. So I took a package of english muffins and cut them in half, placing on a baking sheet face up buttering the tops. Because I am going to use a jar of tomato sauce (without seasoning) I add some garlic salt and Italian seasoning to the buttered english muffins. Next I toast them a little under the broiler just a few minutes. The next step is to add tomato sauce to the top of the toasted english muffin, pepperoni, cheese and a olive. Place under the broiler again long enough to melt cheese ect. Though my pictures did not show these as good as they did look My Gardener Guy and the kids poilished them off fast. When it comes to pizza I like lots of topping but with these just a few toppings like pepperoni, spinach, cheese, sauce, olives, mushrooms, thats about all you need to make a quick meal. Serve it up wit a salad or fruit and it's perfect!!! 
For a quick appetizer take a small apple slice, cheese slice, pepperoni slice top with jalapeno pepper and olive, use tooth picks to hold together and serve. My Gardener Guy likes these, you will enjoy the sweetness of the apple with the spicyness of the pepperoni.
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